bonjour rêveurs parfaits

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What your real name?

- Sonia Regina Francisca (pretty nice, huh?)

Q: Your nickname?

- Sonia 

Q: How old are you?

- 18th years old. helloooww I’m getting older -_-

Q: When’s your birthday?

- 12th of September.

Q: Grade?

- Imma college student.

Q: When did you start Tumblr?

- March. 12th. 2010

Q: Where are you from?

- Indonesia and proud of it :’)

Q: How many people are you following?

- 100+ wonderful blogs who makes me crazy!

Q: How many followers do you have?

- the number changes everyday and I love them :)

Q: Do you unfollow?

of course! if your blog is boring, many post of pornography and your blog is inactive :)

Q: I followed your blog and nice blogs but can you follow me back?

- thanks, but i can’t follow back by request but if you want me to check out your blog that’s not problem.

Q: check out my blog, pleaseeeeee?

- sure, why not? 

Q: Do you rate my blog?

- hell no.

Q: Where did you get the pictures you posts?

- Flickr, Weheartit, and I reblog most of the pictures in another blogs :)

Q: Can I be a part of your tumblr family?

- HELL YES!!! just tell me what position you like dear :D

Q: Promo for promo?

- depends on my mood

Q: Where did you get your wonderful theme?


Q: Where did you get sparkling effect?


thats it! if you want to know more about me or still have more questions just ask me.

hey pleasee don’t be ashamed. thank you :)

p.s: I really don’t care if you hates me or trying to makes problem with me. I don’t even know you at all. I’m not trying to be famous in here (tumblr) but I just wanna reblog the posts! k? bye! ;>